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Honestly, way too many photos. I don't know how my bandwidth is able to support my pic capture habits.

My boyfriend, Beckett, is so adorable because not only was he ready and waiting for John's return at the gate with a gurney, but then he also covered John's lap with a sheet and buckled his seatbelt. *loves omg*

They did a lot of weird camera angles and fast swivels to accentuate John's "changing", and I thought this one was cool.

Okay, we now begin the analysis section of today's photo recap.

Exhibit A is of the stick John threw to the ground... the fact that the camera panned to it is likely a combination of them wanting us to know that he's now fighting with only one stick, and an indication that he's feeling "manly" (upping one on Teyla, his tutor, by advancing to a higher level than her).

Exhibit B has Matrix!John putting one hand behind his back, a sort of condescending "I'm so good I can beat you one handed" attitude.

John makes the first move... lunging toward her, pinning her arms so they stay crossed over her chest and shoving her up against the wall. I'm sorry, Sheyla what?

Neither love nor lust look like this. *shudders* This is power, control, aggression, surprise and fear. Oh, and bug DNA.

*freaks* I don't care what anyone says, I've had an experience like this, and there is nothing hot or sexy about it. He has total control of the situation (literal control too with the stick at her neck, his hands around her head, and then gripping her arms), and the fact that her hand is up at her face defensively is all the signal you need to tell you that this is not okay.

And then the after where she doesn't look him in the eye (for almost the rest of the scene) and is hugging the pillar at her back. OMG, and now I feel terrible for calling her a robot last season! Teyla, I sorry! You do have emotion!

Er, so yes, not romance, not love, and definitely not to be misconstrued as sexual tension (because omg she was so not leading him on!) And this differs from SG1's "Broca Divide" because the lines during that whole scene made what was happening okay... the humor and Jack's slip about having wanted to kiss her took away the seriousness of the "attack".

Now that we understand that, the squee! of the rest of the episode...

This is the weirdest shot ever and I love it to pieces.

Aww! Puppy dog look at Lizzie!


Worried for her Shep. Loved that she had so many of these internal moments this episode.

A guitar, a longboard, and he made his bed. In stores this spring.

OMG why do boys DO that? The poking? At the injury? OMFG! Toy recall!

She's so worried, and he has crazy hair. Yay!

She's all anxious and "do something!" and then leans down because she thinks maybe really emphasizing it to Beckett will make him find a cure faster. Love love love!

John: "Anything that has you speechless has me concerned."
Elizabeth: "You're going to be fine."
John: "Wow. That's dead man talk."
Elizabeth: "No, it isn't."
John: "Have you seen this?"

Elizabeth: "Beckett is going to figure this one out."
John: "I think I already have. [pause] You know who I'm starting to feel like?"
[she shakes her head]
John: "...Ford."

Elizabeth: "Now what happened to you is completely different."
John: "I know, I know. Still, I can feel it. I mean, I can feel it changing me... inside, like he did."
Elizabeth: "I don't think that's even possible. Look, you're very worried."

John: "No I'm... not, it's uh... One of the best weeks of my life was when I got my wisdom teeth out. I was on codeine for a full seven days. This is kinda the same. I know I should be in pain... or at the very least, freaked out by this, but I'm not. And that freaks me out more than anything."
Elizabeth: "We're gonna beat this."

John: "We're gonna beat this? Beckett will figure this out? You're gonna be fine? You really suck at the whole bedside manner thing."

Elizabeth: "I know, I'm sorry."
John: "But I appreciate the effort."


Heh, Caldwell is anti-Atlantis view. He is so not a balcony meeting place kind of guy. ;)

When Caldwell asks Elizabeth: "You two are pretty close, aren't you?" I love that she hesitates and then answers with "Well, we've been through a lot together" and finally looks so completely ADORABLE and vulnerable when she finally admits, "yes." *flails*

LORNE! *loves* Okay, moving on.

Eye contact! More of it! I love them! *clings*

He was definitely holding some resentment over the inability to properly make use of her office as a convenient location for sex due to the windows. Now it will be boarded up and we will have to rely on sound, because "Trinity" told us we ought to be able to hear it. ;)

OMG HE WINKED AT HER! And then she smiled! And they SO TOTALLY HAD A MOMENT! Spanky is in marriage talk already yo. And this cap doesn't do it justice. Meh.

Elizabeth: "I thought I should come by and practice my bedside manner."


I lovesomuch that she doesn't take a step backward or lean away when he stands up in front of her that quickly. And looking all... bug mutation like.

Dude, these nighttime shots of Atlantis? Insanely gorgeous.

She has to be the one to tell Shep that the team failed, and she looks like she's gonna cry. Because she is gonna cry. Because she loves him. The end!

Weird camera angle again, and oh look, Shep!pants for mspooh. Plus, you know, Bugified John attacking Lizzie.

As much as Teyla couldn't seem to shoot at John (which I believe to be a result of her bestest friendship with Elizabeth who told her to use force as a last resort *nods*), she kept calling him Colonel, which amused me greatly.

She loves his bedside.

And her private recollections of him.

So the cloak freaks me out, but beside that, I am a big fan of their walking side-by-side.

Caldwell: "Despite what you may think of my intentions, Dr. Weir, I'm not your enemy."
Elizabeth: "Believe me Colonel, you don't want to be."


Ohmygod. OHMYGOD. *wipes steam off tv screen*

Ehehehe, please. Teyla's sigh at the very end after she and John have had their "let's just forget about the kiss, yes?" conversation is priceless! She's so the other half of Spanky and thankful that she didn't have to break that to John just yet. ;)

Why the two week wait again? No! *pouts*
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