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Ah, yes, lots of pictures... I have a many cap disease.

The tassel! It even swings!

Same shot. And I must point out that though Rodney and John were seated next to each other, there was never a shared frame shot of them. Not that I'm keeping tabs.

Ooh, bad moment of continuity... not only does David's hand go all the way down in the first angle (before it switches), but it's also a different hand.

Omg love the biting lip.

Hmm. *has no comment*

Okay, when did a Wraith ever make you look like that? I mean, as far as I know, old age has never turned anyone's face inside out.

Eeeheehee! Uncle Rodney!

I don't care anymore, slash me up, because that was just too funny.

John being a bit confused and freaked out at the skeery Teyla omg!

Wow. Uh. Man, the placement of the sword in this shot. *coughs* Is it warm in here? And omg what's happening to me?

See, now this child is just frightening. I don't care that it has cute 'ickle hands... it has a REMOVABLE FACE.

There are just all kinds of right about this. Bed straddling, Lizzie walking toward John, eye!fuckage, and erm... we can ignore that Beckett is watching. After all, Sparky's hard to resist.

*flails* The cuteness of them kills, I say! Kills!

In the face of so much slash I thought it necessary to post more eye!fucking.

Oh oops, damn, there they go doing it again. *lalala*

Not sure why, but I really liked the imagery of this.

Ooh, Ronon's so in trouble. And dude, honestly, Ronon is gigantic.

Of course now they're all "perfect height for each other" but whatever, he's socloseomg to kissing her head! Spanky! *bounces*

Erm. Plastic much? I think it's actually reflecting light.

Bonding. Aww.

I have the most adorable onscreen boyfriend, it's true.

And he's even gun-trained! *loves*


I warned you that toddler would be trouble. Now she's Robo!Wraith. *eek*

Ronon's pretty damn pissed that his girlfriend is getting hurt. John's just a little more winded at having to keep pace. Aww.

John arms!

No! John injury! But omg promo. There will be Sparky! *clings*

ETA: You all should know about this place of brilliance already, but zeropointsnark is the atlantis hang out these days.
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