Phrenitis (phrenitis) wrote,


Photo Madness. Whee.

He will single-handedly block and take down a Wraith dart with the combined power of his body and the P90. *adores*

Teyla watches Shep!Pants! OMG!

*fans self* Um. Personal picture. You can all move on ahead... I'll be fine. *swoons*

Lizzie makes the "excuse me?" face. Aww. And side-note, she needs low-cut tops...

I'm just saying, they use this type of clip with them a lot. They're so shared-shot film-able, whee!

Ronan arms, naked chest, and Shep!Pants in one. Wow. *sets new wallpaper*

Just because. *snicker* Although John looks absurdly short in this shot. Probably because of Teh Sideways Lean and the overall massiveness of Teh Ronon... but still. It's Wee!Shep.

My onscreen boyfriend. Because SO CUTE.

And OMG. You must watch the clip of Rodney sauntering into the lab backward. *in fits* 'Tis slow-mo runway model walk. *ded*

Now falling from here has got to hurt. That's high. That's just a gym mat. And then she lands on her upper back. *winces*

Because who really doesn't spend their evenings like this?


In the same shot again. Lalala. And is Wee!Shep biting his lower lip? Epitome of cuteness that man is.

He almost touches her but decides that it's much too early in the series to be giving away the awaited moments of physical contact that we 'shippers hoard. But Lizzie is showing the face of Teh Major Disappointment at not being touched by the hand of John... because she sympathizes with us.

Lizzie is all but invading Shep's personal space. Go Lizzie! Seriously, an inch of space between their boots. Their shadows even blend together. *whistles*

During the kiss there is the moment of "well, *embarrassment*" but then, and I'm with mspooh on this one... this is the look of "...and why aren't you and I doing this right now?" She even has the tilt of the head. *nods*

The Kiss. Because.

Banter! EyeFuckage! *cuddles*

How cute are they? And I love how Elizabeth is sitting on the bed with her feet propped up... and John sitting ohsoclose and being a level below her.

Sharing screen time. Sharing screen time. [/sings]

Tags: photo_recap

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