Phrenitis (phrenitis) wrote,

Having much enjoyment cavorting through Monterey, Carmel and San Francisco while up here at home for the week.

Finally had some time to write out another "John commitment issue" snapshot (tm anr)... still going with the Elizabeth perspective angle, though this one pulls much more from fanon ideas than anything canon has presented. But it seems like something he would do. *shrugs*

She finishes her final cup of coffee on another ordinary late night spent cornered in her office confronting the reminders and reports she always seems to be catching up on.

Delegating is usually her strongest suit, but bring her part way across the universe and sometimes it doesn't take much to remind her that she is in charge of a planet. Carson's report sits half read in front of her, his concerns and suggestions for proper disposal of hazardous medical waste continuing for a few more pages than she thinks she can stay awake to respond to.

Her coffee is only a fading flavor now, and it's another concern, albeit a small one, that she is going to have to deal with sooner or later.

John works across from her, occasionally tapping away at his laptop while dealing with his own supply of schedules and memos he coordinates with Bates. His legs are stretched out under the desk, crossed ankles settled on his side though they have somehow found a way to rest against her chair.

He has an office, somewhere in the upper levels of the northern wing – she has never visited, she realizes – but their tag-team leadership of Atlantis often works best when in close proximity.

It has been this way for only a few months, and she can't remember how it began.


Hmm, maybe not so much this one... with the making sense and "finding the word that describes his relationship with Elizabeth". So mysterious Teh Shep is.
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