Phrenitis (phrenitis) wrote,

Standoff Picspam 3

You guys. This show cannot die. I will not recover. The 'ship must live on! (lots of !!!! ones and elevens omfg)

Here is a picspam for episode 12 as well as a sneak peek of episodes 13-15, courtesy of edge_of_hate's downloads. *glee*

Standoff - Friday at 9:00pm on FOX

They are so good at being partners that they actually share a wrap-around desk.

Emily tells Matt she got into a one year program that would take her across the country.

Matt isn't sure what to think about that, so tells her to go ahead and do what she wants.

This causes some tension between them on the job when Matt expresses that the Hostage Taker is crazy.

Emily wants to know if this crazy expression is actually valid in psych terms.

And then it goes on and on with them both doing it and arguing and... true love, folks.

But they still have a moment for a significant look.

And even when they share matching confused expressions, they still like to stand close to one another.


So anyway. Emily isn't happy with the way they left things that morning and wants Matt to tell her to stay instead of joining the program.

He tries to evade for a minute and then finally says, "Don't go. I love you. Don't go."

He walks off and Emily tries not to let emotional joy overtake her. And I wave 'ship tears of glee from my eyes. And then run around screaming happily. I don't do well with holding it all in.


Episode 13-15:

The show is suddenly in Dutch! Ha! And I don't know what's happening. They're PRETTY TOGETHER, okay?

They like to share a lot of significant looks.

Aw! And in public!

That shared desk again in case you missed it. I'm always here to point out useless, squee-worthy things for you.

Standing close. STANDING CLOSE.

Dude, Emily always gets herself into trouble. AND THEY ARE TOUCHING.

Er, more close standing.


Dinner at Matt's house. Hee.


Okay, so I'm kinda useless with the recapping because I pretty much bounce between eyefucking, standing together, and touching. But they do it in EVERY EPISODE. I cannot help the attraction. LOOK AT THIS.

He totally picks her up. PICKS. HER. UP. And she laughs! And he's like, we're gonna sex now. And I'm like, YAY OMG YES! *DEAD*

Post-sex. Still pretty together.

Emily has a traumatic time in this episode, but Matt's there for her.

I cannot cap this to save my life, but there is a look between them that is INSANELY AWESOME.

And this is support. And love. And by two people in a committed relationship. I HATE YOU FOX.
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