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Standoff Picspam 2

For all the wonderful flisters of mine (i love you) that put out a special Standoff announcement on their ljs... here is a continuation of the picspam before. This covers episodes 10 and 11 (all the currently aired episodes in the US), and I shall do a spoiler picspam with the newer episodes soon!

Standoff - Friday at 9:00pm on FOX

Emily talks with a co-worker about Matt.

Matt talks with a co-worker about Emily.

And then they get really awkward when they have to talk to each other.

That tends to lead to lots of arguing in hallways.

Luckily, they do a coin toss to resolve such matters.

Except then Emily discovers from her co-worker what Matt was telling his co-worker, and he may have just happened to embellish the story. But luckily she has awesome hair this episode and that makes everything better.

She confronts him on the roof after solving the difficult case and says she wants for them to be more discreet about their relationship.

And then comes one of the cutest scenes ever about their relationship and why Emily left Matt's apartment really early in the morning and made up some random excuse to explain it...

Matt: "About this morning, you know, if something was up, you could just tell me, alright?"
Emily: "I got spooked. Ever since we decided to do this... it's been like... You know when you're crossing the border from Portugal into France, and it's... new language, new terrain."
Matt: "Yeah. You are aware that Portugal and France don't actually have a border."
Emily: "You know what I'm saying."
Matt: "Yeah. I get it. I'm France."
Emily (laughs): "Right."
Matt: "Well I'm just wondering if I'm gonna get into Portugal tonight."
Emily (shrugs): "Well, we'll flip for it."
Matt: "Heads."
Emily takes out a coin, flips it in the air.
Matt (indecisive): "Uh. Tails."
She turns the coin over on to her hand.
Matt: "No. Heads."
Emily (grins): "You sure?"
Long camera shot. Fade to black.

Episode 11: They always watch out for one another.

And sometimes they do it without the other one knowing.

Which is why they make a fabulous team.

Of course, that doesn't prevent them from getting stranded in another country outside US jurisdiction.

But Emily's totally badass and can handle whatever's thrown at her.

And lest you forget, Matt can be badass, too.

But he'll drop that act immediately to come to Emily's aid.

The ever present subtle touch that is obviously added in purely for my sake because I die of 'ship a little bit every time.

Emily thinks she's doomed Matt to death.

He kisses her to try and make it all better.

GUH. This image. OMG. Self-explanatory.

Seems Emily's prediction of death is right on the money.

Except, yay! They survive! And still have a tender moment even though they are in emotional turmoil because both were too scared to admit out loud that they loved the other. *sniff*
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